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Thriving Minds ManoHealth

At Thriving Minds, we understand the importance of mental health and well-being. Thus, we believe in empowering our clients to reach their highest potential. Our team of experienced psychiatrist and psychologists are committed to providing the best care for mental health problems, behavioural disturbances in children & elderly, addiction and sexual health concerns. Rely on our best psychiatrist and psychologist team to help you get back on the path of mental wellness.

Mental Health matters..
Therapy Session
Support Group
Couples Therapy
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Individual Counselling

Individual Sessions with a qualified and experienced counsellor on one-to-one basis. A customised therapeutic plan is derived in order to suffice and cater to individual's needs.

Mindfulness based Programs

These programs are devised to inculcate self-awareness as a basic principle to boost your mental health so that you can be the best judge to yourself.

Counselling & Therapies

We provide you with an opportunity to express your emotional conflicts & address them in the presence of our trained therapist & expert counsellor.

We offer comprehensive and compassionate mental health and wellness services to adolescents & adults suffering from a wide range of psychiatric disorders.


Anxiety is your body's natural response to stress. Anxiety is an emotion characterised by feelings of tension, nervousness, worried thoughts, and physical changes. Knowing and acknowledging your anxiety symptoms are the first few steps towards a successful treatment.



Stress is how an individual reacts or responds to a demanding situation, this can affect the person negatively. Be it related to day-to-day work, financial loss, personal crisis, academic issues; even a slight change from the normal can ignite a significant stress in an individual. However, knowing the correct tips & tricks can help a lot in dealing with the stress condition more effectively.


Excessive amount of consumption of alcohol, usage of drugs (cannabis, marijuana, cocaine), and other substances like cigarettes, tobacco in a way that negatively affects oneself and others. Extracting oneself from the tentacles of substance abuse is a burden on the overall family but is achievable with support & right treatment.


I devote myself in helping my patients to make them feel healthy and happy.

Thriving Minds ManoHealth
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